Exploring Morocco: The Best 30 External Tours from Marrakech

The Best 30  External Tours from Marrakech

Marrakech serves as the perfect base for embarking on exciting excursions to other parts of Morocco. In this guide, we will take you on a virtual journey through the best 30 external tours from Marrakech, showcasing the country's diverse offerings for every type of traveler. Whether you're seeking adventure in the Atlas Mountains, discovering the ancient ruins of Roman cities, or immersing yourself in the tranquility of the Sahara Desert, Morocco has something for everyone. So prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey as we uncover the must-visit destinations just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Marrakech.

1. The Atlas Mountains Adventure:

- Overview of the Atlas Mountains and its significance

- Hiking and trekking routes in the Atlas Mountains

- Exploring traditional Berber villages and their culture

- Visiting the iconic Toubkal National Park

- Enjoying stunning panoramic views from mountain peaks

2. Essaouira - The Coastal Gem:

- Introduction to Essaouira and its charm

- Exploring the Medina of Essaouira

- Relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Essaouira

- Experiencing water sports and activities like surfing and kiteboarding

- Sampling fresh seafood and local cuisine

3. Ouzoud Waterfalls - Nature's Beauty:

- Introduction to Ouzoud Waterfalls and its natural beauty

- Hiking and exploring the surrounding area

- Taking a refreshing swim in the waterfall's pools

- Wildlife spotting and bird watching opportunities

- Enjoying picnics with a view

4. Ait Ben Haddou - The Desert Fortress:

- Discovering the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou

- Exploring the ancient kasbah and its architectural beauty

- Learning about the history and cultural significance of Ait Ben Haddou

- Taking guided tours and learning about filmmaking locations

- Enjoying panoramic views of the desert landscape

5. Ourika Valley - Escape to Nature:

- Introduction to Ourika Valley and its natural wonders

- Visiting traditional Berber villages and meeting locals

- Exploring the lush green landscapes and waterfalls

- Trying traditional Berber cuisine and tea

- Taking part in outdoor activities like hiking and camel riding

6. Casablanca - The Modern Metropolis:

- Brief overview of Casablanca as Morocco's economic and cultural center

- Visiting the iconic Hassan II Mosque

- Exploring the modern architecture and vibrant city life

- Enjoying shopping and dining experiences in Casablanca

- Discovering the art and cultural scene of the city

7. Fes - The Historic City:

- Introduction to Fes as Morocco's oldest imperial city

- Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of Fes Medina

- Visiting historical landmarks such as Bab Boujloud and Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque

- Experiencing traditional Moroccan craftsmanship in the medina

- Sampling authentic Moroccan cuisine in Fes

8. Zagora - Gateway to the Sahara:

- Introduction to Zagora as the starting point for Sahara Desert adventures

- Camel trekking and camping in the Sahara Desert

- Watching the sunset and sunrise over the sand dunes

- Experiencing traditional Berber music and dance

- Learning about the nomadic lifestyle of the desert region

9. Chefchaouen - The Blue City:

- Overview of Chefchaouen and its unique blue-painted buildings

- Exploring the picturesque streets and alleyways

- Visiting the historical landmarks of the city

- Sampling local cuisine and shopping for handicrafts

- Enjoying panoramic views of the Rif Mountains

10. Ouarzazate - The Gateway to the Desert:

- Introduction to Ouarzazate as the gateway to the Sahara Desert

- Exploring the film studios and movie locations in Ouarzazate

- Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou

- Discovering the Atlas Film Studios and Atlas Studios

- Enjoying panoramic views of the desert landscape

11. Agadir - The Beach Paradise:

- Introduction to Agadir as Morocco's top beach destination- Relaxing on the pristine beaches of Agadir

- Trying water sports such as surfing and jet skiing

- Exploring the vibrant nightlife and entertainment options

- Visiting the Agadir Kasbah for panoramic views of the city

- Sampling fresh seafood and local cuisine

12. Taroudant - The Mini Marrakech:

- Overview of Taroudant as a smaller version of Marrakech

- Exploring the ancient city walls and gates

- Visiting the bustling souks and experiencing the local market scene

- Discovering traditional Moroccan architecture and riads

- Trying traditional Moroccan pastries and tea

13. Imlil - The Gateway to Mount Toubkal:

- Introduction to Imlil as the starting point for Mount Toubkal hikes

- Hiking and trekking routes in the High Atlas Mountains

- Exploring the picturesque valley of Imlil

- Visiting Berber villages and experiencing their hospitality

- Enjoying breathtaking views of Mount Toubkal

14. Meknes - The Imperial City:

- Overview of Meknes as one of Morocco's imperial cities

- Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Meknes Medina

- Exploring historical landmarks such as Bab Mansour and Moulay IsmailMausoleum

- Discovering the beauty of Meknes' architecture and craftsmanship

- Trying local delicacies and traditional Moroccan cuisine

15. Rabat - The Capital City:

- Introduction to Rabat as Morocco's capital city

- Visiting historical landmarks such as the Royal Palace and Hassan Tower

- Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rabat Medina

- Discovering the modern architecture and cultural attractions of Rabat

- Enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Corniche waterfront

16. El Jadida - Coastal Retreat:

- Overview of El Jadida as a peaceful coastal retreat

- Visiting the Portuguese Cistern and the Old Port of El Jadida

- Relaxing on the beaches and enjoying water activities

- Sampling local seafood and Moroccan cuisine

- Exploring the charming streets and squares of El Jadida

17. Tafraoute - The Painted Rocks:

- Introduction to Tafraoute and its unique rock formations

- Discovering the painted rocks and the art installations in the area

- Hiking and outdoor activities in the Anti-Atlas Mountains

- Exploring the traditional villages and meeting locals

- Enjoying the serene natural beauty of Tafraoute

18. Asilah - The Artistic Haven:

- Overview of Asilah as a haven for art and culture

- Discovering the murals and street art of Asilah

- Visiting the Asilah Medina and its historical landmarks

- Exploring the Beach of Asilah and enjoying coastal views

- Experiencing the annual Asilah Arts Festival

19. Dades Gorges - Natural Marvels:

- Introduction to Dades Gorges and its stunning rock formations

- Driving along the scenic Dades Valley

- Hiking and exploring the gorges and canyons

- Visiting traditional Berber villages and experiencing local life

- Enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views

20. The Draa Valley - Date Palm Oasis:

- Overview of the Draa Valley and its lush date palm oasis

- Exploring the traditional kasbahs and fortified villages

- Oases tours and camel trekking experiences

- Discovering the traditional Berber irrigation system, the falaj

- Sampling dates and local products made from dates

21. Agafay Desert - The Desert Experience:

- Introduction to Agafay Desert as an alternative to the Sahara Desert

- Camping and stargazing in the Agafay Desert

- Enjoying camel rides and quad biking adventures

- Experiencing traditional Moroccan entertainment, such as music and belly dancing

- Watching magical sunset views over the desert landscape

22. High Atlas Villages - Immersive Cultural Experience:

- Introduction to the High Atlas Villages and their cultural heritage

- Visiting remote Berber villages and learning about their way of life

- Trying traditional Berber cuisine and tea

- Participating in traditional activities like bread making and weaving

- Hiking and trekking through scenic mountain trails

23. Todgha Gorges - A Natural Wonder:

- Overview of Todgha Gorges and its impressive rock formations

- Exploring the narrow canyon and its hiking trails

- Taking in the breathtaking views of the steep cliffs

- Relaxing by the crystal-clear waters of the river

- Learning about the local flora and fauna in the area

24. Ifrane - The Little Switzerland of Morocco:

- Introduction to Ifrane and its unique European-style architecture

- Exploring the clean and organized streets of Ifrane

- Visiting Al Akhawayn University and its beautiful campus

- Enjoying outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding in winter

- Sampling local cuisine and pastries in cozy cafes

25. Todra Palm Grove - Oasis in the Desert:

- Overview of Todra Palm Grove and its lush greenery in the desert

- Strolling through the palm grove

and experiencing the tranquil atmosphere

- Discovering the traditional irrigation system and harvesting practices

- Visiting local farms and trying fresh dates and other fruits

- Enjoying picnics and relaxing in the shade of palm trees

- Learning about the significance of palm groves in the desert ecosystem

26. Tizi n'Test Pass - Scenic Mountain Drive:

- Introduction to Tizi n'Test Pass and its panoramic views

- Driving along the winding mountain road and enjoying breathtaking scenery

- Making stops at strategic viewpoints for photo opportunities

- Exploring the surrounding mountainous landscape on foot

- Learning about the history and geology of the area

27. Chemen Ouazzane - Hiking in the Middle Atlas:

- Overview of Chemen Ouazzane and its hiking trails in the Middle Atlas

- Exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the region

- Taking in stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys

- Discovering hidden waterfalls and natural pools

- Interacting with local communities and learning about their customs

28. Volubilis - The Ancient Roman Ruins:

- Introduction to Volubilis and its historical significance as a Roman settlement

- Exploring the well-preserved ruins of temples, houses, and public buildings

- Learning about the daily life and culture of the ancient Romans

- Admiring the intricate mosaics and architectural details

- Enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside

29. Sidi Ifni - Coastal Retreat in the South:

- Overview of Sidi Ifni as a relaxed coastal town in southern Morocco

- Exploring the unique Spanish colonial architecture of Sidi Ifni

- Relaxing on the pristine beaches and enjoying the Atlantic Ocean views

- Trying fresh seafood dishes at beachfront restaurants

- Discovering the local culture and traditions of the region

30. Tétouan - The White Dove:

- Introduction to Tétouan and its whitewashed medina

- Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tétouan


- Visiting the Royal Palace and exploring the Andalusian Gardens

- Discovering the artisanal crafts and traditional handicrafts of Tétouan

- Trying local cuisine and sweets unique to the region

- Learning about the multicultural history and influences of the city

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best external tours to take from Marrakech?

- Answer: The best external excursions to take from Marrakech include:

- The Atlas Mountains Adventure

- Essaouira - The Coastal Gem

- Ouzoud Waterfalls - Nature's Beauty

- Ait Ben Haddou - The Desert Fortress

- Ourika Valley - Escape to Nature

- Casablanca - The Modern Metropolis

- Fes - The Historic City

- Zagora - Gateway to the Sahara

- Chefchaouen - The Blue City

- Ouarzazate - The Gateway to the Desert

- Agadir - The Beach Paradise

- Taroudant - The Mini Marrakech

- Imlil - The Gateway to Mount Toubkal

- Meknes - The Imperial City

- Rabat - The Capital City

- El Jadida - Coastal Retreat

- Tafraoute - The Painted Rocks

- Asilah - The Artistic Haven

- Dades Gorges - Natural Marvels

- The Draa Valley - Date Palm Oasis

2. How can I book these tours from Marrakech?

- Our expert team will help you plan the perfect vacation with all the amenities you desire

3. How long are these excursions and how much time should I allocate?

- Answer: The duration of these excursions varies depending on the destination and activities involved. Here are some general guidelines:

- Atlas Mountains Adventure: Full-day or multi-day trips

- Essaouira: Full-day trip (around 2-3 hours drive each way)

- Ouzoud Waterfalls: Full-day trip (around 2-3 hours drive each way)

- Ait Ben Haddou: Full-day trip (around 3-4 hours drive each way)

- Ourika Valley: Half-day or full-day trip (around 1-2 hours drive each way)

- Casablanca: Full-day or multi-day trips (around 2-3 hours drive each way)

- Fes: Full-day or multi-day trips (around 5-6 hours drive each way)

- Zagora: Full-day or multi-day trips (over 6 hours drive each way)

- Ouarzazate: Full-day or overnight trips (around 3-4 hours drive each way)

- Agadir: Full-day or overnight trips (around 3-4 hours drive each way)

- Imlil: Full-day or overnight trips (around 1-2 hours drive each way)

- Rabat: Full-day or multi-day trips (around 2-3 hours drive each way)

- El Jadida: Full-day or overnight trips (around 1-2 hours drive each way)

4. Are these excursions suitable for children and families?

- Answer: Yes, many of these excursions are suitable for children and families. However, it is important to consider the activities and durations that best suit the needs and interests of your family. For example, the Ourika Valley, Essaouira, and Asilah are family-friendly destinations with options for outdoor activities, beach visits, and cultural experiences. It's always a good idea to check with the tour operators and consider the age restrictions, safety measures, and comfort levels for children during the excursions.

5. What should I pack for these tours?

- Answer: For these excursions, it's important to pack appropriately based on the activities and destinations. Here are some essential items to consider:

- Comfortable walking shoes for hiking and exploring

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for sun protection

- Lightweight and breathable clothing, including long sleeves and pants for modesty in some cultural sites

- Swimwear and towels for beach visits and water activities

- A small backpack for carrying essentials such as water bottles, snacks, and personal belongings

- A camera or smartphone for capturing the beautiful scenery and memories

- Cash or credit cards for any purchases or entry fees

6. Are these tours guided tours orself-guided?

- Answer: These excursions can be both guided tours or self-guided, depending on your preference and comfort level. Many tour operators offer guided tours with knowledgeable and experienced guides who can provide insights and information about the destinations. Self-guided options are also possible, especially for destinations like Essaouira or Chefchaouen, where you can explore at your own pace. However, it's important to note that certain destinations, such as the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert, may require a local guide or experienced driver due to the terrain and navigation challenges.

7. Can I customize these tours or combine multiple destinations?

- Answer: Yes, many tour operators offer customizable excursions and the option to combine multiple destinations or activities. This allows you to tailor the itinerary according to your preferences and interests. For example, you can choose to combine a visit to Ait Ben Haddou with a trip to Ouarzazate or extend your Atlas Mountains adventure to include an overnight stay in a Berber village. It's recommended to discuss your preferences and requirements with the tour operator or travel agency to create a personalized itinerary.

8. Is it safe to take these tours from Marrakech?

- Answer: Yes, these excursions are generally considered safe for travelers. However, it's important to take necessary precautions and follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the tour operators or local authorities. It's also recommended

to check the current travel advisories and stay updated on any potential risks or changes in the region. It's advisable to book with reputable tour operators, follow recommended safety measures, and be cautious of your personal belongings when visiting crowded areas or tourist sites. If you have any specific concerns, it's best to consult with the tour operator or seek advice from local authorities or your embassy before embarking on the excursions.


9. Can I visit these destinations as a day trip or should I plan for overnight stays?

- Answer: It depends on the destination and your preferences. Some destinations, like Essaouira and Casablanca, can be visited as day trips from Marrakech. However, for destinations that are farther away or offer more activities and attractions, it's recommended to plan for overnight stays. This allows you to fully explore the destination, relax, and have more time to enjoy the experiences. For example, overnight stays are common for excursions to the Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, and coastal towns like Chefchaouen or Agadir. It's best to check the recommended duration for each excursion and plan accordingly to make the most of your visit.

Our expert team will help you plan the perfect vacation with all the amenities you desire

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