Agafay Desert From Marrakech Facts and Secrets

agafay from marrakesh

Agafay Desert From Marrakech Facts and Secrets

is a good option if you would like to gaze at some sand dunes and desert of stones, if you don’t have the time to travel all the way south to merzouga 560 kilometers . the whole year Agafay Desert is parched, scarcity of water giving you just a taste of the aridness of the Sahara.

tours across sand dunes, over rocky buttes and through hidden canyons all offering splendid views of the Atlas Mountains in the background.

visitors are treated of candles and exquisite meals served under tents with wide-open views of the surrounding desert.

.Visitors can enjoy with :

  1. Sunset  camel ride.
  2. Mountain biking.
  3. Dinner or lunch 
  4. spend the night in a tent under the stars

Agafay Desert Day Trip From Marrakech

Agafay desert doesn’t have the inhabitants locals there aren’t any Taxis or buses. often the sole way getting there’s to hire a private transport offred by tourism Travel-Agency in Marrakech.

  • driver speak English and other languages to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • air condition particularly if you travel within the summer.
  • driver knows the labyrinths of this region.
travel agency trans

Agafay Desert Activities

lunch or Dinner in a local camp by the Berber villages. - Agafay is a perfect spot for romantic sunset in Experience desert atmosphere with Berber and Arabic music and dance around the bonfire.
Savor a 3-course in lunch or dinner, the choice of dinner is much better under the night sky in the Agafay, Its proximity to Marrakech city and Atlas mountains makes it a popular getaway.
It is possible to upgrade your visit and combine between Quad biking adventure and sunset camel ride in this experience .

Agafay Desert Camp

tranquil accommodations are inspired by local nature and culture.  lodges and tents feature artisanal design touches, comfortable bedding and private outdoor areas.
The most of lodges is built on a hill. Thus, it is a 360° view of the  mountains of the High Atlas.
contact us for any question or booking of our services .

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