Day Trip to Anima Garden and Ourika Valley is Discover a Natural Gem

Day Trip to Anima garden and Ourika Valley is Discover a Natural Gem

The Anima Garden in Ourika is a beautiful oasis located at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains in the region of Marrakech. The garden is home to a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees, including olive, almond, fig, lemon and orange trees. There are also plenty of herbs, flowers and other vegetation to enjoy. The garden is surrounded by a large wall and is divided into sections. One section is dedicated to a traditional Berber house, where visitors can learn about the local culture. The garden is a great spot for a peaceful stroll or for a picnic with friends and family. Visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the High Atlas Mountains and the surrounding countryside.

Explore The Beauty of Nature Anima Garden

stunning oasis is hidden away in a lush and secluded setting, surrounded by olive groves and palm trees. This exclusive retreat offers an array of outdoor activities , a large terrace with stunning views of the Atlas Mountains.
Unlike other gardens in Morocco, Anima Garden is a modern and contemporary garden, featuring sculptures, installations and other artwork.

Anima Garden is an urban garden located in Marrakech,It was founded in 2012 by AndrĂ© Heller. The garden is intended to provide an open space for relaxation, education, and creative expression for all people. 
The garden consists of several gardens :
  • vegetable garden.
  • fruit trees.
  • a small pond.
  • and a large terrace. 
It has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike and is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Marrakech.

Day Trip to Anima Garden and Ourika Valley

Day trip to Anima garden and ourika valley the right choice to have a good day. 
anima is located in The Ourika Valley is a stunningly beautiful area located just 45 minutes from Marrakech, Morocco. On this day trip, you'll get to explore the area's stunning landscapes, with the option of taking in some of its famous tourist attractions, such as the Setti Fatma waterfalls.

Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Marrakech and transport you to the Anima garden and Ourika valley. You'll then have the opportunity to explore the lush, green landscape and take in the breathtaking views. On the way, you'll pass through traditional Berber villages, giving you a unique insight into Moroccan culture.

Once you reach the Setti Fatma waterfalls, you can take a break and enjoy the stunning scenery. You'll also have the chance to take a dip in the cool, clear waters if you wish.

Afterwards, you'll be taken to the nearby town of Ourika, where you can enjoy a traditional Berber lunch. Here, you can sample traditional Moroccan dishes such as couscous, tagines.

To finish off your day trip, you'll be taken to an argan oil cooperative, where you can learn about how traditional argan oil is produced.e Anima Garden  is located in the Ourika Valley in the Atlas Mountains.

The main difference between an anima garden and other gardens in Morocco is that anima gardens are designed to be therapeutic and spiritual.just outside the city of Marrakech. and they incorporate aspects of traditional Islamic and Moroccan design, often featuring fountains, water features, and benches that are arranged to create a tranquil atmosphere. Animas also incorporate plants and flowers that have medicinal or spiritual properties, such as thyme and jasmine. Other gardens in Morocco, on the other hand, may be more ornamental in nature, featuring colorful flowers and trees as well as sculptures and other artworks.

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